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    Now, Forum Satelit has contributed to the education field by providing a download space for the "BSE" (Buku Sekolah Elektronik). This ebook is essential for teachers to give the maximum of their capability to teach the students.

    Forum Satelit is one of the forum that take the action to educate the Indonesian to be competent in the future for the nation NKRI. No matter who you're, wether you're teacher or even a student, you can download these ebook for free.

    You can use the download link here to directly download the ebooks. Follow the link by a click and save the files to your hard drive. Here they are:

     SD Kelas I

    SD Kelas II

    Stay tune to Ebook-Soft, to find more information of the latest ebook.

    Thanks to the admin of Forum Satelit, especially to Mr. Budi or "Darktemplar" for the space, May God Bless You for your works and life.

    Happy downloading and Good Luck!

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